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This is What Happens When People Contact Me on ICQ Hoping I’m a Computer Hacker

  Sometimes, people contact me on ICQ, assuming I’m a computer hacker… Despite my trying to dissuade them, they don’t always give up so easily… Apparently, my sense of humor is lost on some people… I tried… I really tried.

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The Sunny King

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Think First… THEN Vote

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Alwayth two thewe awe… a mathter and an appwentith…

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Spain Gets Ready for their World Cup Match Against Australia

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Movie Review: Chef

John Favreau (@Jon_Favreau) is a freaking genius.  His new movie, “Chef” is absolutely one of my favorites of the year so far.  It will give you all the feels. In the movie, which he both wrote and directed, Favreau also pulls … Continue reading

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Full Moon on Friday the 13th

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The Other Guy

Let’s take a moment to talk about someone. We all know who this person is.  You know it isn’t you. And I know it isn’t me.  So how do we talk about this other person (behind his/her back, naturally) without … Continue reading

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Attention Amateur Videographers

When you go to the movie theater, do you lie down on your side in the front row and watch like that?  Is that what you like, you freaky bastards? If you hold your camera like this… … then your … Continue reading

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