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Movie Review: Chef


John Favreau (@Jon_Favreau) is a freaking genius.  His new movie, “Chef” is absolutely one of my favorites of the year so far.  It will give you all the feels.

In the movie, which he both wrote and directed, Favreau also pulls triple duty as the titular role Chef Carl


Ten Ways the Original Battlestar Galactica is Still Better

CylonRaider-sl1Everyone knows that the newest BSG reincarnation is superior to the original.  Far superior, in fact.  Hotter chicks, better special effects, better writing, better actors, hotter chicks…  If you disagree with this, you probably think TV peaked with “Space: 1999.”  But, believe it or not, the original series was actually


The Surprising Nature of Humor

I’ve come to the conclusion that in order for me to find something funny, it must surprise me.  If I can see a punchline coming from a mile away, I’m not going to laugh.  It isn’t that I “don’t have a sense of humor” (in quotes because I’ve been told


An Open Letter to @PennJillette

Dear Mr. Jillette,

On your recent episode of “Penn’s Sunday School,” you admonished us, your listeners, to reach out and contact our heroes while they are still able to answer (my words, not yours). Since my séance machine is in the shop, I figured that I’d better do it while


Obligatory @CharlieSheen Post


Charlie Sheen has experienced a sort of spiritual epiphany as of late.  He is the topic of conversation everywhere you turn.  Overnight, seemingly by some sort of warlock magic, he became the undisputed champion of Twitter and Ustream.

Charlie Sheen is a modern zen master.  Charlie Sheen is


The Karate Kid

Creepy much?

Creepy much?

Just about everyone I know has been asking the same question lately:  “Huh?  ‘Karate’ Kid?  Shouldn’t it be ‘Kung Fu’ Kid?”

With the massive ecological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, controversy over illegal immigration, high unemployment, the still-tanking world economy, collapsing European nations, growing government bureaucracy, multiple


Who Wants to Rock?

This morning, I woke up to a revelation:  I miss making music with other people.

Me: Guitarist/Songwriter/Recordist.  Can sing if I absolutely have to.  Living in Chandler, AZ.  Burnt out on the band thing for a long time.  Not getting any younger.  No interest in partying.  No drugs, cigarettes, or


Dear People Who Make Movies and TV Shows

Thanks for keeping us entertained.

I rather enjoy watching military-related programs like NCIS and pretty much any action/spy movies with a high SBU factor.  In other words, pretty much anything with Matt Damon beating the holy living shit out of someone with bad-ass Krav Maga moves.  I swear I’m not


Dancing With The Stars

Yes, folks… it’s that time again. Time for once-famous “celebrities” to strut their stuff on the dance floor in hopes of taking home the coveted prize: a 2nd chance at scraping together a bit of fame and cashing in before the last bits of self respect drip away.  Let’s hope

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