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Wait for it…

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James Francis Byrnes

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Ten Ways the Original Battlestar Galactica is Still Better

Everyone knows that the newest BSG reincarnation is superior to the original.  Far superior, in fact.  Hotter chicks, better special effects, better writing, better actors, hotter chicks…  If you disagree with this, you probably think TV peaked with “Space: 1999.”  … Continue reading

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Ten Reasons Why…

Ten Reasons Why the 10 Reasons Lists are Crap 10.  The writer has a very limited scope of experience, yet feels free to project their world view and belief system onto everything and everyone. 9.  Straw man arguments. 8.  Tin … Continue reading

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The Surprising Nature of Humor

I’ve come to the conclusion that in order for me to find something funny, it must surprise me.  If I can see a punchline coming from a mile away, I’m not going to laugh.  It isn’t that I “don’t have … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to @PennJillette

Dear Mr. Jillette, On your recent episode of “Penn’s Sunday School,” you admonished us, your listeners, to reach out and contact our heroes while they are still able to answer (my words, not yours). Since my séance machine is in … Continue reading

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Kim Jong-un: The Un-cola

The Dear Leader is dead! Long live the Dear Leader! With the timely demise of his father, Kim Jong-un has been suddenly thrust into North Korea’s only working spotlight.  Jong-un is the youngest son of the recently croaked Kim Jong-il and … Continue reading

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My Take on the 2012 GOP Candidates

Perhaps you’ve been losing sleep wondering what I think about the current field of GOP candidates for the 2012 election. Perhaps this lack of sleep has degraded your health to the point where you have sought out experimental medical treatment … Continue reading

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