Top 4 Things That Nicolas Cage Has Never Said

Nicolas Cage is famous for having said a lot of great stuff over the years.  We at HackerHaus have collected 4 lesser-known things NiCage has never said:

#4 — “I am a Dracula!”


#3 — “I am the Princess of Butterscotch”


#2 — “問うは一旦の恥問わぬは末代の恥”



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Ten Ways the Original Battlestar Galactica is Still Better

CylonRaider-sl1Everyone knows that the newest BSG reincarnation is superior to the original.  Far superior, in fact.  Hotter chicks, better special effects, better writing, better actors, hotter chicks…  If you disagree with this, you probably think TV peaked with “Space: 1999.”  But, believe it or not, the original series was actually … Continue Reading...