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GoodJob 2
“If you really want to screw someone, pay them a compliment.” ― me Compliments feed the ego and make the compliment-ee feel good.  In turn, they also make the compliment-er feel good about making the compliment-ee feel good.  But what actually results from our happy, overstuffed, corpulent egos meeting the […]

On Eating Bitter

A massive earthquake of 8.8/8.9, depending on the source, has struck Japan.  To my knowledge, this is the largest earthquake ever measured in Japan, and among the largest world-wide in over 100 years. I’m sitting here on my couch, watching NHK (on TV Japan), scanning the internet, and praying for […]


Did you know that 2011 is a prime number?  Do you know what numerological significance this has for the upcoming 365 ¼ days?  None.  Numerology is bullshit. Happy New Year from all of us in the HackerHaus family!

Happy New Year!

Am I the only one who finds this picture slightly creepy? 1
Just about everyone I know has been asking the same question lately:  “Huh?  ‘Karate’ Kid?  Shouldn’t it be ‘Kung Fu’ Kid?” With the massive ecological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, controversy over illegal immigration, high unemployment, the still-tanking world economy, collapsing European nations, growing government bureaucracy, multiple wars, poverty, […]

The Karate Kid