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I’ve been having trouble with my Mac Book Pro lately.  Namely, the dreaded SBBoD. I’ve tried deleting files to make space.  I’ve tried using Onyx to delete logs and other junk.  I’ve tried using Disk Utility to repair permissions and … Continue reading

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Dealing with Stubborn External USB HDs in OS X

If you’ve purchased (or have otherwise come into possession of) an external USB hard drive, and you’re having trouble getting Disk Utility to play nicely with it (i.e. reformat it to HFS+), here’s a trick for you.  Open Terminal and … Continue reading

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So the GPS on your G1 doesn’t seem to be working.  Here’s what I did to fix mine: Go to Settings -> Security & Location and make sure that Enable GPS satellites is checked.  You can also check “Use wireless … Continue reading

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WordPress 3.0

So, I installed WordPress 3.0 and switched over to their new default template.  So far, so awesome. The new functionality, the surface of which I’ve only barely scratched, is great. I only noticed one bug: using the Digg Digg plugin … Continue reading

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Missing Podcasts on iPod

If you’ve recently purchased a new iPod and have transferred files from your old iPod to the new one, only to find that your podcasts are now “missing,” I may have good news for you. The same happened to me … Continue reading

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Moji in FireFox 3

For those of you who have been using Moji in previous versions of FireFox, but have been disappointed to find that it is unavailable in FF3, here’s a quick solution that worked for me.  The fix lies in the fact … Continue reading

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Tokyo: Day III (a.m.)

Not much to say this morning. Had a bit of a rough time sleeping. Up next: Shower, food, Akihabara, Sensoji. If I can get myself back to Shibuya and Shinjuku, I still have more shopping to accomplish. My travelmates’ feet … Continue reading

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how the internets work

I’m going to shamelessly steal something from Einstein and contort it to serve my own self-aggrandizing purposes.  Since he’s dead, I don’t think he’ll mind.  Even if he weren’t dead… I think I could still kick his ass. You see, … Continue reading

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