Review: Taurus PT1911 (Update)

At the end of October, I wrote a not-so-glowing review of my then-new Taurus PT1911.  It is now two months later, and Taurus has finally gotten me the replacement extractor*.  I had a gunsmith install it and inspect the pistol, and everything appears to be in working order.

I took it to the range yesterday and put about 150 rounds through it.  No FTE, and only a couple FTF.  All in all, not bad.  I hope she holds up.

*According to Taurus, the extractor I needed was on back order.  To me, this can only mean one thing: lots of other people are having the same problem, and they’ve been bombarded by requests for replacements.  If you’ve had a similar problem, I’d love to hear from you.

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  •  It isn’t a primary carry weapon… purely for fun and plinking.  Since getting the extractor fixed, I haven’t had any problems.  I do suspect that the mags played a role in the problem, but the POS extractor shouldn’t have broken off *that* easily in the first place.

    I use Chip McCormick mags pretty much exclusively.  They’re pretty damn good and don’t break the bank.  FWIW, the stock Taurus mags work pretty well now.  I guess they just needed some breaking in.

  • Jmokryj

    Most malfunctions are magazine induced. Before you bet your life on it get a couple Wilson 8rd 47D or Wilson standard 7 rd magazines. 9 times out of ten if you use good, quality mags you can make any 1911 work right until it gets like “500-round-dirty” :-).