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I’ve been having trouble with my Mac Book Pro lately.  Namely, the dreaded SBBoD. I’ve tried deleting files to make space.  I’ve tried using Onyx to delete logs and other junk.  I’ve tried using Disk Utility to repair permissions and … Continue reading

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Dealing with Stubborn External USB HDs in OS X

If you’ve purchased (or have otherwise come into possession of) an external USB hard drive, and you’re having trouble getting Disk Utility to play nicely with it (i.e. reformat it to HFS+), here’s a trick for you.  Open Terminal and … Continue reading

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Missing Podcasts on iPod

If you’ve recently purchased a new iPod and have transferred files from your old iPod to the new one, only to find that your podcasts are now “missing,” I may have good news for you. The same happened to me … Continue reading

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