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Movie Review: Chef


John Favreau (@Jon_Favreau) is a freaking genius.  His new movie, “Chef” is absolutely one of my favorites of the year so far.  It will give you all the feels.

In the movie, which he both wrote and directed, Favreau also pulls triple duty as the titular role Chef Carl … Continue Reading...


The Other Guy

Let’s take a moment to talk about someone.

We all know who this person is.  You know it isn’t you. And I know it isn’t me.  So how do we talk about this other person (behind his/her back, naturally) without naming specific names?  For the sake of … Continue Reading...


Attention Amateur Videographers

When you go to the movie theater, do you lie down on your side in the front row and watch like that?  Is that what you like, you freaky bastards?

If you hold your camera like this…

iPhone vertical

… then your video will look like this:


If, however, you hold your

Continue Reading...

Top 4 Things That Nicolas Cage Has Never Said

Nicolas Cage is famous for having said a lot of great stuff over the years.  We at HackerHaus have collected 4 lesser-known things NiCage has never said:

#4 — “I am a Dracula!”


#3 — “I am the Princess of Butterscotch”


#2 — “問うは一旦の恥問わぬは末代の恥”



ermagerdContinue Reading...


Writing Every Damn Day

Writing Every Damn Day

To write? Or not to write?  That isn’t the question.  The question is how often and about what to write.

If I were to begin writing Every. Damn. Day., I’d probably need to create some sort of schedule… you know, to limit the amount of actual thinking I’d have to … Continue Reading...

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