Dear News Media

Dear News Media:

Please stop trying to frighten us, especially mothers with small children.  Shame on you.

Please stop trying to be the first off the line to inappropriately lay blame at the feet of those who have no part in the tragedies you are supposed to be investigating.  You have no proof.  You are wrong.  You just want to be first to make the accusations.  You are liars.  Shame on you.

Please stop trying to incite local and federal officials to install metal detectors and implement searches in theaters.  Please stop trying to desensitize American citizens into willingly accepting a police state.  We’re already teetering on the edge as it is.  Shame on you.

Stop fanning the flames.  You are traitors to this country.  You are supposed to be on our side.  Shame on you all.

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  •  Thank you.  Thankyouverymuch.

  •  Vielen dank.

  • Matt J

    Wunderschön…  Erstaunlich geschrieben.

  • Spfstr

    That was very well said Mike.