Holocaust Denial

According to a story at MSNBC.com, “Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and the rest of the loud-mouthed right wing are… engaged in the vile evil of Holocaust denial” when they protest against Obama’s healthcare initiative.*


I get that MSNBC hates right-wingers. No big surprise, there. Trying finding “fair and balanced” reporting of any kind on MSNBC or FOXNews is like trying to find a drug-free virgin at a party at the Kardashians’.

But this is a little batshit crazy… even for MSNBC.

Do you remember when the left-wingers in this country were absolutely livid when their protests against the Bush administration over the Iraq war left them labeled as “Anti-American” and “Un-Patriotic” by Pro-Bush right-wingers?

So why is it that they’ve now adopted the right-wingers’ exact approach to stifling opposition and protest? Perhaps because this time, the object being protested is a Left-wing sacred (free-range, organic) cow?

Different words, different objects, same… exact… tactic.

Normally, we’re used to seeing Republicans as pussies who whine and moan about what the Democrats are up to. But now, a group of right-wingers are taking a page from the left’s own book. (Literally.) And the left-wingers don’t seem to like it one bit.

So now, according to leftist MSNBC, exercising our right (and, I dare say, responsibility) to speak out and protest a “healthcare” bill which a) the “authors” of which haven’t actually read, b) will trash the greatest healthcare system in the world, c) will definitely burden what is left of the greatest economy in the world for generations to come, and d) will kick open the door to even more government intrusion into our private lives, is considered “Holocaust Denial?”

Does anybody give a shit about liberty anymore?

Regardless of what you think of this HMO-meets-the-DMV-meets-the-IRS-with-machine-guns on steroids and crack piece of legislation, surely you’re concerned about the implications such irresponsible rhetoric holds for the First Amendment? Right? Hello??

What’s next? “Calling Obama a ‘Socialist’ is really code for calling him the ‘N-Word?'” Oh wait… never mind. Someone already beat me to that. At least it wasn’t MSNBC again… oh… wait… oops.

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The easy solution to most of our woes is less government intrusion, not more. Lower taxes, less government waste, fewer programs… especially the ones that are strictly designed to redistribute wealth and centralize power in the hands of a few. Washington: Stay the fuck out of our lives and let us live them as we please. Please.

(*Obama hasn’t really written a “healthcare plan,” you know. The “plan” is being “written” by the Congress. And by “written by the Congress,” I mean by someone else. Namely lawyers.)

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