Iowa Nice

IowaWith Iowa getting its quadrennial 15 minutes of fame once again, the predictable plethora of pundits and politicians from all over the nation have crawled out of their mud holes once again, tripping over their tongues to explain the state to the rest of the country.  They seem to think they know a lot about my home state. They’re wrong.

Perhaps most famously, failed presidential candidate Jon Huntsman, who will never be president and should just quit now lest he further embarrass himself, said of the state: “They pick corn in Iowa… and pick presidents here in New Hampshire.”  (Psssst… If you didn’t notice the antennæ on the silos, they have TV in Iowa now.)

There is little more annoying to me than seeing a politician or pundit go to Iowa before the primary season, attempt to sound “down home,” munch on pork/corn products, and sincerely feign the giving of .0001 shits about the people there.

Think you know something about Iowa?  Scott Siepker, a graduate of my alma mater, Carroll High School, thinks you’re wrong.

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