storm - 08/28/08

It started with constant, unending lightning orbiting Tempe.  Yes, I said orbiting.  Then the wind.  Then the rain.  Then the hail.

This storm flooded roads, killed power, stranded drivers, and threw 50′ trees out into the middle of University Drive (a 4 lane road + suicide lane).  Power lines were partially knocked over.  I had to drive over curbs and over trees to navigate my way back to work from the dojo.

The rain, wind, and hail was so loud, I couldn’t hear myself think.  The radio was knocked out.

Outside of a few typhoons I lived through in Japan, this is one of the worst, most beautiful storms I’ve ever seen.

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  • Mother Nature can be so damn sexy at times, huh? I know it’s dangerous and all, but I love storms like that. I love the energy and momentum. And, I secretly love watching everyone else totally freak out about them.

    Driving over curbs, huh?? I’ll add that to my image of you skirting the law by racing down the highway… 😉