Tokyo: Day V (a.m.)

Day 5: The morning of my last full day and night in Tokyo.

Being in Tokyo again has been blur… a blur of trains, pictures, blisters, elation, exhaustion, cute little girls in their sailor outfits, delicious food, loneliness, language, and shopping bordering on the hedonistic. But like all marathon sex sessions, there comes a time when it just has to stop.

The Sony meeting, as it turns out, is supposed to be today at around 6pm. This is going to be a long day, I imagine. I likely won’t have time (or energy) to do any more shopping after work, but if I do, I’ll try to go for that one last spurt. There are gifts I still haven’t bought, but frankly… I just don’t physically have the energy left in me to go looking for anything. I will endeavor to do so, though.

I return to the U.S. with a new drive to learn Japanese.

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