Top 5 Most Annoying People on Twitter

@BarackObama – Barack Obama

Claim to fame: TechPhony

Followers: 2,795,004

Sample Tweets: Irrelevant. He’s never used Twitter, despite duping millions into believing that he actually was using it.

@PerezHilton – Perez Hilton (aka Mario Armando Lavandeira)

Claim to fame: Drawing jizz on pictures of actual famous people / Celebutard

Followers: 1,650,587 (the irony that he has more followers than the person whose name he stole is not lost on me)

Sample Tweet: @MTV Do you still love me? Tell me you love me! Xoxo

@ParisHilton – Paris Hilton

Claim to fame: Rich Daddy / Extreme Vapidity

Followers: 1,098,079

Sample Tweet: That’s hot.

@spencerpratt – Spencer Pratt

Claim to fame:  Fame-seeking DoucheWhore

Followers: 668,566

Sample Tweet: All my haters should tune in to the tonight show at 11pm! You will love how I get booooed on Conan! It was legendary! Haha fame is SICK!

@officialTila – Tila Tequila (aka Tila Nguyen)

Claim to fame: Looks like a small Japanese boy with big fake boobies.

Followers: 266,333

Sample Tweet: & I know FOR A FACT that I’m the ONLY BITCH you’re scared of @perezhilton cuz you KNOW I have more balls, power & influence then u do!

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  • Facebook User

    Super stoked I’m not on this list.. :p

  • Facebook User

    Super stoked I’m not on this list.. :p