Why I’m doing the 100 push up challenge

Yeah, yeah… I did more push ups (61 in total) today. Blah, blah, blah. I’m not going to bore you with an ad nauseum blow-by-blow of every workout. Maybe I’ll post a weekly tally or something. Or maybe I’ll just keep you guessing until I actually accomplish my goal. I still haven’t decided.

Several people have asked me why I’m doing this, and I couldn’t come up with a good answer. So, I did what I always do… I retired to my mountain-top cave to meditate. After spending what seemed like minutes buried in deep thought, I believe that I may finally have boiled it down to the following three reasons:

  1. It’s good for my body. It’s a helluva work out for the arms, shoulders, and abs, and should serve me well on my path toward attaining hotness.
  2. It’s difficult. I need something that is difficult… something to challenge me. Many things come rather easy to me… languages… then there’s… ummm… there’s… languages… Anyway, my point is that I needed a challenge in an area that was actually challenging to me.
  3. I don’t want to do it. What better reason could I possibly have for doing this? The very fact that I don’t want to do it, but am still doing it anyway, shows that I’m on the road to inculcating myself with more self-discipline. Yay me.
  4. There is no 4th reason.

As I keep telling other people… there’s only one way through it: through it.

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