Writing Every Damn Day

Writing Every Damn Day

To write? Or not to write?  That isn’t the question.  The question is how often and about what to write.

If I were to begin writing Every. Damn. Day., I’d probably need to create some sort of schedule… you know, to limit the amount of actual thinking I’d have to do. In that spirit, I’ve been toying with a few ideas.

  • Massive Monday — I take a massive brain dump on the Internet
  • Turd-y Tuesday — I take a less-massive follow-up dump on the same aforementioned Internet
  • WTF Wednesday — Self-explanatory
  • Thoughtful Thursday — This is me being all philosophical and poetic and shit
  • Something That Starts With ‘F’ Friday — Falafels? Finger Foods?  f = ma?

Thoughts?  Maybe I could do Philosophical Phriday and muse about the things I have learned during that particular week.  So many things to ponder…


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