So the GPS on your G1 doesn’t seem to be working.  Here’s what I did to fix mine:

  1. Go to Settings -> Security & Location and make sure that Enable GPS satellites is checked.  You can also check “Use wireless networks,” but I find that to be less than accurate.
  2. Turn phone completely off and go outside.
  3. Turn phone on.
  4. Leave phone sitting outside under a clear, obstruction-free sky for as long as it takes to reestablish its connection to GPS satellites.  This could take several minutes.  If you’re in Arizona and/or it’s over 100°F, I suggest you wait until evening so as not to turn your smart phone into a pop tart.
  5. Open the Maps application, hit the Menu button, and select “My Location.”

Hopefully, your device will now be communicating with GPS satellites properly again and will give a much more accurate reading of your current location.  Feel free to comment or drop me a line if you have anything to share.

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  • Paul

    I like using a free app called GPS Status to track whats going on with my GPS when it isn't getting the signal it should.