It’s (almost) that time again! Hammer Time?  No.  (Well, yes, but it’s always Hammer Time.)  It’s (again, almost) time for the coolest (un)conference this side of the… uh… Rio Salado!

I’ve been to both previous PodCamps, and have had a great deal of fun and learned a lot each time.  If you live anywhere near Phoenix, like other human beings, and are somewhat geeky, you really don’t want to miss this!  Additionally, I’m currently pondering the notion of doing a presentation of my own this year… that alone might be worth the price of admission (free).  (I’m still waiting to see if my idea is approved.)

If you see me there, please say “hi.”  I know some people say I look scary… but I’m really not.  Really.  Who knows… I might even let you take a picture with me!  If you find yourself at PodCamp AZ and happen to see someone who looks suspiciously like the guy in the picture to the right,  it just might be me!  (Unless it’s another bald white guy with a goatee.)

November 14-15, 2009
University of Advancing Technology (UAT)


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